Kathmandu Girls WhatsApp Numbers

Kathmandu Girls WhatsApp Numbers


as we all know Kathmandu is the capital city of Nepal. Like Mumbai Kathmandu also looks sexy at night compare to days. And talking about the girl of Kathmandu the are prettier than others as always. They can easily understand other’s feelings and most importantly they have well manner. So if you are at Kathmandu nepal and want to make new friends their than this post is definitely for you. Here we will share the list of Kathmandu girls WhatsApp numbers.



So, guys here are the list of Kathmandu girls whatsapp numbers try to be polite with them and again please don’t irritate them by calling them again and again without having the proper permission. ood luck




Name Aasha
Address Kathmandu
Age 16
Whatsapp Number +97735523515
Status Single



Name Urmila
Address Kathmandu
Age 22
Whatsapp Number +977343542158
Status Single


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  1. Useful ….handy

  2. who is the girl in the picture .so stunning and gorgeous.

  3. All number given fake

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